Royal Belum Rainforest

The Royal Belum is composed mainly of pristine tropical rainforest, with many river systems, and small grassland areas, some abandoned agricultural plots, and Tasik Temengor, a large man-made lake. Forests found here include lowland dipterocarp, hill dipterocarp and lower montane types with a distinctive northern element as the area borders Thailand. The Royal Belum is part of the larger Belum-Temengor forest landscape, one of the largest blocks of forest in Peninsular Malaysia.

Located north of Perak state, Malaysia, Belum Valley which cover 300,000 hectares of pristine rainfores is known as Belum Temenggor Forest Complex and consist of several forest reserves area. The main area is the Royal Belum (north) and Temenggor Forest Reserve (south). This rainforest is estimated more than 130 million years and considered as one of the oldest rainforest in the world.

Giant Snakehead - estimate weight 7kg

Royal Belum Map
Fishing in Royal Belum

For anglers, many species of fish like Toman (Giant Snakehead) and Sebarau (Hampala Barb) are the main target species for lure casting anglers. Other species like Lampam Sungai (Barboides), Kelah (Malaysian Mahseer), Kawan (Friendly Barb), Kalui (Giant Gouramy), Baung (Catfish) and many more are common in Royal Belum.

Common size at Royal Belum

A Jungle Perch been bitten into half by Giant Snakehead

Beautiful Emperor Snakehead

The Wildlife

Within the state park you can do wonderful nature tours (mainly boat cruises) to spot wildlife like elephants, deer, wild boars, birds, insects and many tropical trees and plants. There are also quite a few endangered animal species that live within the state park; Malaysian tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros, Malaysian sunbear, tapirs and the white-handed gibbon. Chances on an encounter with these great animals are however very slim. It is said to be the only place in Malaysia where you are able to spot all species of the hornbills. Besides, this is also one of the places to visit if you want 'experience' the rafflesia as there are three species of this enormous flower.

Rafflesia Flower
Lantern Bug can be easily found inside Royal Belum Jungle
Great Hornbill
Tualang Tree
Beside the wildlife, there is a few waterfall located on north and south side of Royal Belum. 

Ko'oi Waterfall

Mess Waterfall
Kiroi Waterfall
The Aboriginal People

Royal Belum experience would not have been complete without a stopover at the Orang Asli (aborigines) village. The gummy smiles of these shorter, dark skinned and curly haired people and their ancient song of welcome done to the rhythmic beats of bamboo shoots (Sewang) warmed our hearts. The Jahais largely depend upon hunting, fishing and gathering jungle products as their source of livelihood.

Jahai Tribesman


There are quite a few decent resorts nearby Royal Belum State Park, the resorts are usually located at the shores of Lake Temenggor. As most resorts are at a distance apart it is not easy to stay at one resort and eat at another resort, you are basicly limited to what the resort has to offer. Rule of thumb is that locals meals are of much better quality than western styled meals. Most popular resorts around Royal Belum State Park are; Belum Rainforest Resort (offers free WIFI in public areas), Belum Eco Resort and the Banding Lake Side Inn.

Beside hotel anglers can choose to stay at the camp site or to use a Boat House as accommodation. Here some example: 
Campsite Kenarong River

Normal Boat House
Exclusive Boat House
Fishing package: We offer 2 different package

1: Big group package from 2 days 1 night fishing trip or 3 days 2 night trip. Minimum 8 to 15 anglers maximum.

This package include:
  • Trip using a Boat House with Room ( Satellite TV, stretcher bed, bathroom & toilet.) or stay at Camp Site inside Royal Belum area.
  • 2 outboard engine boat minimum 40 horsepower. (additional boat upon request)
  • Meal 4 times a day including 1 tea time.
  • Full time fishing guide.
  • Permits to enter the State Park, Fishing permits & Camera
  • BBQ - Upon request
  • Other Activities - Jungle tracking, Visiting Kelah sanctuary, Waterfall, Island Hopping, aborigines village, Rafflesia flower are upon request
2. Small group from 2 days 2 night fishing trip or 3 days 3 night trip. Maximum 3 angler per boat.
This package include:
  • Speedboat 21 feet equip with 40 horsepower engine.
  • Full time fishing guide.
  • Accommodation : Starting from camping site, chalet to resort
  • Prepacked food whilst on fishing trip.
  • Fishing Equipment (upon request).
  • Permits to enter the State Park, Fishing permits & Camera
Royal Belum is available all year round. For best time to fishing a sebarau or jungle perch is in monsoon season from October to December. For any inquiries please email us at:
Cheers & Tight Lines !