Jarak Island Jigging & Popping

Located 34km southwest of the town of Lumut, Perak, Pulau Jarak (Jarak Island) is one of the famous Malaysia's GT jigging & popping destination. This tiny island (barely 8 hectares in size) rises 50m above sea level and is covered with lush vegetation, where many sea eagles nest. There is no beach on Pulau Jarak, only granite sloping down to the sandy sea bed with small patches of stony, encrusting and soft corals. Other than Giant Trevally, Pulau jarak also have abundance of golden snapper, grouper, big eye trevally , cobia and many more species.

Man at work

Fighting with GT's

 With a lots of trees and vegetation, Jarak Island is like a green paradise in the middle of Straight Of Malacca. Around the island there are various types of hard and soft corals, which provide protection to the smaller fish and it's make a perfect spot for the predator to hunt. Popping, jigging & lure casting are the main technique used by sport fishing angler in Jarak Island. Because of the strong underwater current ah heavy jig range from 100grams to 200grams are required.

100 gram Ichiku or Madai jig

For angler who interested to try their luck for jigging & popping in Pulau Jarak, we can organize fishing trip for you. You can choose a day trip or overnight trip. The package include:
  • Transportation from Kuala Lumpur - Lumut Perak - Kuala Lumpur
  • Boat charter suitable for 4 anglers equip with fishfinder, gps radio communication, first aid kit and life jacket.
  • Prepacked food whilst on board for day trip
  • Bottles water / Canned soft drinks
  • Experienced captain  & Fishing Guide
Suggested fishing equipment:

  • Jigging: 1 set of PE1-2
  • 1 set of PE3-5
  • Various jig range from 60gram to 200 gram  
  • Popping: 1 set of minimum PE4 Popper weight range 60gram to 120 gram
  • Bottom fishing & trolling is optional.  


For any inquiry or booking trip don't hesitate to email to us at: gofishingmalaysia@gmail.com

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